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Dominate Competitors and Capture a Larger Share of Your Market

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is not as simple as it seems or the platforms make you believe. There’s a little bit of art and science needed to make online campaigns effective and profitable. Many try and realize this or believe it’s some kind of scam.

To make the best use of these services, you need to have knowledge of the technology to take full advantage. It’s like when preparing your taxes. Yes, you can do it by putting your mind to it but it may take longer, and you might make mistakes and pay more rather than have an expert accountant handle it for you.

It’s the same for pay-per-click advertising. Often, it’s best to let an expert do it. Doing so can save time, money, and aggravation.

Lucid Web Marketing will build and manage your online campaigns to

  • Maximize quality traffic coming to YOUR site and not your competitors
  • at the lowest possible cost per click, lower than what your competitors are paying
  • Get the highest return on your ad spend.


The secret to our success? A highly data-driven approach.

We don’t guess. We analyze, optimize, and fine-tune campaigns based on 27 data points.

Beware of other agencies that simply adjust bids and budgets, all done using the software so no human actually sees or makes any other type of changes. Ads are typically poor, an afterthought, and never change. They call this “managing your campaign”. We call it being lazy and not looking after your best interests.

Ready to elevate your brand with great online advertising campaigns that leave competitors eating your dust? Then contact us and speak to a PPC expert.

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